Jess MacDonald Brass

Chrysophrase and Silver Necklace



A Hand crafted chrysophrase and silver necklace made on the Isle of Arran by Jess MacDonald Brass.

Nothing soothes the soul, quite like a day at the beach or a dip in the ocean. The seas slow rhythmic waves, hypnotise our spirits, allowing us to release our worries into the fresh salty breeze and comforting waves to be carried away from us.
I selected this chrysoprase piece for its  resemblance to the shore of a beautiful, tropical beach.💙
Chrysoprase is one of the birthstones for May, traditionally symbolising enterprise, happiness, and prudence.
Chrysoprase is known for improving ones emotional health and it is said to promote empathy, forgiveness, growth, self-love, and a general lust for life.
This is a natural stone, and some screens may alter the image colour slightly. This is a green-aqua stone. In some photos it may appear more vibrant than others, which it isn't. But it is still a Beautiful colour. If you have any concerns, please message me first.

Material: silver
Dimensions: 27mm x 16
Chain: 18 inch

My jewellery is individually hand-crafted or made in small batch production which is hand-finished - this is reflected in the final finish of each piece. This means that it will not be the same as machine made or mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it gives each of my designs a special artisanal touch.

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