Jess MacDonald Brass

Black Cuillins Pendant Necklace


Black Cuillins pendant necklace in sterling silver made on the Isle of Arran by Jess MacDonald Brass.

One of 2 Cuillin ridges on the Isle of Skye, the Black Cuillin is known as the UK's most challenging mountain range. It has 12 Munros and 16 more summits. The dramatic ridge is over 11km long with its highest point being Sgurr Alasdair at 992m. Made of dark gabbro rock, carved and sculpted by years of glacial activity, the ridge has been know to cause faulty compass readings because of the high content of iron in the rock.

This necklace depicts the Black Cuillins as seen from Sligachan.

Chain: 18 inch
Material: sterling silver

My jewellery is individually hand-crafted or made in small batch production which is hand-finished - this is reflected in the final finish of each piece. This means that it will not be the same as machine made or mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it gives each of my designs a special artisanal touch.


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