Hello! I'm Jess - an ocean addict and a little bit of a mountain hippie. I work from my studio at home, making artisan jewellery in various metals including silver, gold, and sometimes copper and aluminium. I like to use traditional techniques such as sawing, hammering, metal stamping and soldering. I also have a bit of an obsession with gemstones stemming from a childhood love which is the reason I got into making jewellery as a teenager.

I grew up on the beautiful Isle of Arran, in Scotland. At a young age i was drawn to the breathtaking natural world that was my playground for 18 years. The ocean, the forests, the wildlife and of course the glens and mountains all captured my heart. When the time came to move to the big sticks, I moved to Glasgow and studied Silversmithing and 3 Dimensional Jewellery Design.

I wanted to see the big world and spent a year travelling Australia, South East Asia, India and Nepal, where my love of tribal jewellery grew to appreciate not only the designs and the way they incorporated semi precious gems, but the history, the mythology, the beliefs, symbolism and spirituality that are integrated into each piece. I was taken in by the fact that jewellery meant so much more than something pretty to wear!

When I returned to Glasgow, I finished my Silversmithing studies and went on to work with one of the largest jewellery workshops in Scotland, becoming part of the family for 18 years. In this time, I encountered alot of emotions. Taking part in many a journey with clients and their jewellery that had great sentimental meaning specifically to them. Again, I experienced the appreciation that jewellery represents something significant in so many ways to many people.

Unfortunately, my Dad passed away quite sudden several years ago. He had been on manual dialysis for 6 years and waiting on a kidney transplant. This threw my world into a spin. Since then, he's been a driving force to live life to the full and appreciate more than ever, our beautiful planet!

My husband and I both having grown up on Arran, quickly realised the city was no longer for us. We pack up and returned to the Isle of Arran, to enjoy watching our wee clan grow up, surrounded by the wonders and magic of our Scottish Island, with the Grandparents and Uncles & Aunties nearby.... because let's face it, what's more important than family!

 I kept my hand in with the jewellery making and fast became inspired by the nature around me. The ocean, the mountains, the botanicals became the main focus in my pieces. The landscapes at the forefront of my designs, originally inspired by my Dads love of Arran & Scotland.

I like to think my work is an exploration and tribute to our natural world. Using modern and traditional silversmithing techniques, I love to create textures and forms that evoke emotion and adventure.

Jewellery grounded in nature.