Jess MacDonald Brass

Arrow Earrings


'Arrow of Intention' earrings in sterling silver made on the Isle of Arran by Jess MacDonald Brass.

A symbol of direction, ambition, perseverance to moving forward and even a commitment to a specific goal. 
The arrow is an extremely important symbols for the Native Americans. It represents hunting and gathering, two subjects important in their tribal life. The arrow serves as one of their most prized possessions, it is a tool providing them the ability to hunt and provide food. It serves as a means of protection for their tribe, from predators and other enemies. In their art work, a single arrow means protection, but it can also mean direction, movement, force, and power.

Material: sterling silver
Dimensions: 38mm long
Fittings: hook
Necklace also available.

My jewellery is individually hand-crafted or made in small batch production which is hand-finished - this is reflected in the final finish of each piece. This means that it will not be the same as machine made or mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it gives each of my designs a special artisanal touch.

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