Jess MacDonald Brass

Helvellyn Cufflinks


Helvellyn 3D cufflinks in sterling silver made on the Isle of Arran by Jess MacDonald Brass.

The Iconic Summits collection is a range of adventure cufflinks that capture a 3D aerial view of the UK's most popular hikes and peaks in a piece of jewellery. The contours of these magnificent landscapes is crafted in sterling silver, giving it a beautiful look and a tactile feel. Created as a way to keep your favourite adventure close to your heart.


The Helvellyn Range, in the Lake District is the third-highest point in England. The scenery includes three deep glacial coves and two sharp-topped ridges on the eastern side -Striding Edge and Swirral Edge.
The highest point is Helvellyn,

Red Tarn lake, enclosed between Striding Edge and Swirral Edge, is about 25m deep & was formed when the glacier that carved out the eastern side of Helvellyn had melted.

Elevation 950m
Coordinates - 54.5268° N, 3.0172° W

Dimensions: 19mm diameter
Fitting: swivel
Material: sterling silver

My jewellery is individually hand-crafted or made in small batch production which is hand-finished - this is reflected in the final finish of each piece. This means that it will not be the same as machine made or mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it gives each of my designs a special artisanal touch.


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