Jess MacDonald Brass

Isle of Skye 3D Pendant Necklace


Isle of Skye 3D pendant necklace in sterling silver made on the Isle of Arran by Jess MacDonald Brass.

Have a piece of Skye close to your heart every day with this silver necklace shaped like the Isle of Skye. It's beautiful 3D effect shows the contours of the land and mountains. Have a look at our Iconic Summits and Iconic Isles collections which offer a range of 3D contour pieces.

The Isle of Skye, famous for its dramatic and fantasy like landscapes is connected to Scotlands north-west coast by bridge. It is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides archipelago and is not only famous for its Talisker Whisky but loved for its picturesque fishing villages, numerous castles, unique coastline and peninsulas. Skye is a captivating island that steals your heart upon arrival.

Highest point-Sgurr Alasdair 992m


Dimensions: 29mm - 2mm approx
Chain: 18 inch
Material: sterling silver

My jewellery is individually hand-crafted or made in small batch production and hand-finished - this is reflected in the final finish of each piece. This means that it will not be the same as machine made or mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it gives each of my designs a special artisanal touch.

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